Group Therapy

Many issues such as grief, parenting, illness, divorce and death may make one feel alone. Facilitated group therapy for adults can help focus on goals and effective behaviors that can alter the overwhelming stress of dealing with major life events. Group therapy for children can identify problematic behaviors and offer a platform for the child to practice new skills in the presence of their peers.

Girls: Ages 10-16

Is your daughter having trouble with “mean girls” or “girl drama” at school?

Does she have difficulty making or keeping friends?

Are there issues having to do with Facebook, texting or the internet? Our Girls’ groups help girls cope with these as well as other difficulties girls in today’s world struggle with including body image/dieting, peer pressure, dating, drugs and alcohol.

These dynamic groups help empower girls through use of Sand Play Therapy, yoga and hands on socialization. Goals of increased self esteem, love and acceptance of self, and respect of self and body are themes throughout the group.

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Girls: Coping With Addiction in Your Family

Life is more complex for a child growing up with addiction in their family.

This unique group allows girls to connect with other girls who know what it is like to have a family member with a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Girls learn they are not alone in the issues they struggle with as a result of addiction in their lives.

Therapeutic and peer support are provided for addiction related issues, as well as school and social issues, which are often more complicated for these girls.

Participants will learn coping and relaxation skills, as well as drug and alcohol education and prevention. Sand Play Therapy, yoga and hands on socialization are used to address these goals, while also seeking to raise the impacted self esteem of girls impacted by addiction.

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Social Skills: Ages 5-16

Does your child have difficulty making or keeping friends? Does it seem like he or she has difficulty connecting with peers?

Does your child have…. Low self esteem? ADHD? Asperger’s Syndrome

Does your child prefer solitary activities such as video games, computer or listening to their iPod, or do they prefer to sit alone at lunch, despite your encouragement to interact with peers?

Are there ongoing issues with other kids at school, on the bus or in the neighborhood?

Does your child get anxious or uncomfortable in social situations?

Your child is not alone. Our interactive groups use Sand Play Therapy, therapeutic games and yoga to improve socialization skills, increase comfort in social situations, enhance self esteem, promote mutual respect and empathy for others, improve peer relations, build friendships, learn relaxation techniques and body awareness.

Children are grouped together by various factors, including chronological age, maturity level, gender and personality. Due to these factors, we will often allow participants slightly older or younger than the stated ages above.

Please feel free to contact Toni Zachos-Kaplan for additional information.

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Boys: Social Skills Ages 11-16

Grouped by age and skill level

Does your son have…. Low self esteem? Trouble making or keeping friends? ADHD? Asperger’s Syndrome? Social anxiety/uncomfortable in social situations?

Through the use of Sand Play Therapy, Group Dynamics & Yoga, groups will focus on:

  • improving socialization skills mutual respect and empathy for others
  • enhancing self-esteem
  • building friendships
  • improving peer relations
  • increased comfort in social situations
  • learning relaxation techniques
  • body awareness

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