Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Introduction to Sand Play Training start/end?

The Introductory training begins at 9:00am SHARP each day. On the first day, trainees should arrive a few moments early to sign in and acclimate themselves with the Center. The training ends at 5:00pm each day.

Do I get continuing education for these trainings?

Yes. All trainings are approved for CE by APT, NBCC and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The Certificate in Sand Play Therapy is also approved for 87 hours of CE by New Jersey Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing is recommended. These trainings are highly experiential and trainees will be moving around in frequent intervals.

Can I have a copy of the Power-Point?

No. We are in process of writing a companion guide for the training that should be released (for purchase) in 2016.

What is the difference between a “scheduled” and a “private” Introductory training?

Lighthouse offers two scheduled weekend trainings each year. They occur on the weekends and cost $550. Food is provided for these trainings.

Private trainings are initiated by a small group of potential trainees or an agency. They are scheduled during the week and can be completed at our office or at any off-site location. The fee for a private training is $6000 for up to 10 people, and $600 per person over ten. Food is not provided by Lighthouse for private trainings. These trainings cost more because of the loss of billable hours with a weekday training schedule.

I sent in a registration form yesterday and no one called or emailed to confirm I am registered.  Am I registered?

If your credit card was charged or check has cleared, you are registered. All credit cards are processed at the time you register online. If your card has not been charged the Monday after you submitted a registration, please contact the office to confirm it was received. Approximately 3 weeks before the scheduled training you will receive and email addressed to the whole training group discussing the upcoming training.

I need to get reimbursed for the training by my agency/school/mom.  Can you hold a slot for me and I’ll pay you when I get my money from them?

No. We have had too many incidents where people have “guaranteed” payments and have pulled out last minute. All registrations require payment in full.

I signed up for the Intermediate training and have decided to drop out after two trainings.  Do I have to pay for the rest of them?

Yes.  All post Introduction trainings have a set tuition that you agree to pay.  As a courtesy we allow you to pay in monthly installments, but the full tuition is your responsibility. There are no exceptions to this rule.

I pay for supervision with another clinician.  Can I use this towards my Certificate In Sand Play Therapy requirements?

No. The clinical supervision must be with either Gretchen or Mary Pat to receive the Certificate.

I keep calling for directions to the training and no one has called me back.  How do I get directions?

We do not employ a secretary and Mary Pat and Gretchen have full caseloads in addition to their training schedules. Many times, it will take a few days to return phone calls so the best resource for your questions is our website.  Click here for directions.